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My name is Lisa Marie Walker and I LOVE the healing arts. I have dedicated the last 35 years to discovering different aspects involved in creating harmony within the systems of the body.

My love for massage began when I had the opportunity to gift massages to my family members during a time when my father was moving through his terminal diagnosis of cancer.


My family and friends shared that they found my massages very healing, especially during grieving such a loss. After my father's passing, I was gifted inheritance money that he wanted to go towards education. I decided to invest this seed into my first massage training.

I studied at the East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland Oregon. After I obtained my degree, I returned to Calgary, my hometown, and settle here with my family. I continued to cultivate my passion for holistic wellness, studying manual osteopathic techniques at the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada here in Calgary.


After diving deep into massage, I felt called to cultivate a new passion.. embodied mindful movement.

I enrolled in the Core Connexion Transformational Arts Training and began facilitating conscious dance classes, events and workshops. I am currently facilitating collaborative classes at Evolved Movement Arts !


If you are interested, check out Evolved Movement Arts Facebook page.

After this, I found myself being pulled to another calling. It was eight years ago now that I discovered a deep love for honouring the crossing of thresholds in our life cycles with ceremony.


I obtained my certification from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute of New Jersey and now offer celebrant services in the Calgary area.


If you are interested in my celebrant work, please check out my Life Cycle Ceremonies website here!


I believe that the body is capable of healing itself if it is nourished with the right support. I provide this support to aid my clients healing process through various massage and space holding techniques.

My approach to massage is to balance and synchronize the body on all levels. We are each made up of elements, all of which have relationships and connections with each-other.


During a massage, I utilize my capacity for deep listening, tuning into the needs of my clients body. I use the combination of sound, scent and touch to create the ultimate rejuvenation experience.

I acknowledge that I live on Treaty 7 Territory. Currently, I offer massages out of my home in Rosemont, Calgary AB.

My mission is to provide a space for clients to release held tensions, receive replenishment and leave fully rejuvenated.


My vision is to share the power of educated touch and compassionate presence to promote deep rest that allows for a full system reset.

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