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What is Integrative Restorative Massage?

Integrative Restorative is my unique massage style.


My intention with each session is to hold space so that each of my clients can go deeper into a holistic restoration of their being.


During a session, I seek to sense the balances and imbalances in each clients system. Through deep listening, I can perceive the needs of my client and then guide them intuitively down the path towards their greatest restoration in mind, body, and spirit. 

I incorporate some Earth-based healing practices I have learned working with local shamans and indigenous teachings. I find great value in each culture's wisdom and their unique ways of bringing the systems of the body into holistic harmony.

I draw upon over 35 years of massage training and experience, including modalities such as manual osteopathic techniques (craniosacral & visceral manipulation) to provide the best treatment possible for my clients.


I intentionally combine the medicine of different types of touch, scent, and sound to cultivate a deeply restorative space for you. I utilize tools such as sweetgrass and tuning forks for clearing the energetic field. 

My greatest strength as a massage therapist is the compassionate and loving space that I hold for clients during a session. My presence and deep listening allow me to hold space for you to drop into a deeper sense of rest and reconnection. 

I am currently studying the Five Elements Medicine Path and look forward to integrating this Chinese Wisdom Teaching into my work in the future. 

Attending to these aspects is the essence of an Integrative Restorative Massage Experience.




"The body is wise, intelligent & conscious,
always flowing towards wellbeing." 
Lisa Marie Walker

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